Vietnam's BITCOIN HEIST Hits North America

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Vietnam's BITCOIN HEIST Hits North America

Vietnamese director Ham Tran had a big local hit with his action-comedy Bitcoin Heist and it's hitting these shores as well with a North American release from WellGo USA.

Hackers have become the bank robbers in the new world of crypto-currency. In order to catch the most wanted hacker, “The Ghost”, an Interpol special agent assembles a team of thieves to plan the ultimate heist. But as any good criminal knows, there is no honor among thieves.

As the Vietnamese market continues to grow and resources expand, local films continue to break new ground there with this one being the first of its type made in Vietnam. We ran the local trailer for it back when the Vietnamese release was coming up but with the film already on US iTunes and Google Play and a DVD / BluRay release coming July 4th, now seems a good time to take a look at the US trailer as well!

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