Sir Roger Moore Has Passed Away

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Sir Roger Moore Has Passed Away

Sir Roger Moore, best known for portraying James Bond in seven installments of the spy series, has died, according to his official Twitter account. He was 89.

Moore's screen career dated back to the 1940s and gained momentum through the 1950s. His breakthrough international role came on TV's The Saint, starting in 1962. He embodied Simon Templar as a charming adventurer through six seasons.

When Sean Connery declined to return as 007 after Diamonds Are Forever, Moore came on board and faced heavy criticism from fans who felt he pushed the character too far into light comedy. But those same criticisms are what made his interpretation of Bond so distinctive, likable and personable. In Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun, and The Spy Who Loved Me, he was incredibly well-matched with the material.

The spy series faced increasing competition for blockbuster dollars, and became increasingly weary and out of touch with popular culture in its next four installments. Yet for a large segment of the moviegoing audience, Roger Moore personified the dashing and witty movie star. And non-Bond adventures such as The Wild Geese and Escape to Athena showed that he was more than capable of lighting up the screen, no matter the quality of the material that surrounded him.

His final Bond performance came in 1985's A View to a Kill, though he continued acting right up to his final days. All reports also indicate that he was a charming, modest, and kind personality in real life. Rest in peace, Sir Roger.

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