Exclusive: MILES Poster Debut, A Boy on the Girl's Volleyball Team

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Exclusive: MILES Poster Debut, A Boy on the Girl's Volleyball Team

We are pleased to present the exclusive poster debut for Miles, an independently-produced film about family, college and sports, starring Tim Boardman and Molly Shannon.

Here's the official synopsis:

Miles Walton (Tim Boardman) is biding his time until he can go away to college in Chicago and study filmmaking. His father passes away unexpectedly, revealing a secret affair with a local girl, which gutted their family savings. Miles can no longer afford to go to college.

Desperate to get out of his small town, Miles finds the only remaining college scholarship in Chicago is to the Men's Volleyball team at Loyola University. Because his high school doesn't have a men's team, Miles tries out for the girl's team and head coach Leslie Wayne (Missi Pyle) accepts him on the team regardless of state regulations.

Meanwhile, Miles's soft-spoken mother Pam (Molly Shannon) joins a local widow support group where she meets Lloyd O'Brien (Paul Reiser), the new school district Superintendent who fiercely opposes a boy on the girls' volleyball team. Miles' plans of attending college are threatened with suspension and he must fight against to chase his dreams of a better life.

Back in my ancient high school days, we had four volleyball teams, but only for boys; none for girls. So two girls tried out for one of the teams and easily left me on the sidelines. Eventually, I developed a special place of respect in my heart for young female athletes, who must deal with entrenched sexism in sports even when they are clearly the best qualified.

Reading the synopsis for Miles, I realize we are living in a far different world. It's still difficult for young people to gain respect and also to learn how to respect others, especially adults, who really should know better than to discriminate against anybody.

Nathan Adloff wrote and directed. Yeardley Smith and Stephen Root also star. The film will be released in select theaters in the U.S. and on various Video On Demand platforms on Friday, June 9.

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