Edinburgh 2017 Announces Retrospective Programme: The Future Is History

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Edinburgh 2017 Announces Retrospective Programme: The Future Is History

Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, Edinburgh International Film Festival is looking to the future by highlighting the classics of the past with three retrospective strands entitled "Great Britain," "Scotland" and "The Western World of The Future".

Great Britain

Billed as "a timely reflection of British culture past" the Great Britain strand explores the works of ex-Beatle George Harrison's HandMade Films and feature such cult classics as Time Bandits, Withnail & I and The Long Goodbye Friday.

Also celebrated here is the work of Matt Johnson of legendary post-punk group THE THE, and his director brother Gerard Johnson. 1987's THE THE: Infected - The Movie will play here alongside the UK Premiere of new documentary The Inertia Variations, which focuses on Matt's life and work. Gerard's first two features, Tony and Hyena, will receive screenings as the man himself returns to EIFF to direct a stage reading of John Hopkins’ controversial 1968 play, This Story of  Yours.


The Western World of The Future

Focusing on the years 1980 - 1985, The Western World of The Future offers some of the most significant, exciting science fiction of that era in order to "turn attention to the future of the western world via the science fiction cinema of the past, and in the process, continue the review of our own rich history." Films to be screened include The Terminator, Brazil, Escape From New York, Outland, Videodrome and The Last Battle.

Excitingly, the strand will also feature the animated sci-fi works of Iconic French director René Laloux, La Planète Sauvage and Gandahar.


The Scotland strand explores the the world of visionary Scottish playwright, poet and jazz musician Tom McGrath. Along with a musical performance from the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and live-readings of McGrath's ground-breaking plays The Hard Man and The Android Circuit the film selection will include Wholly Communion and The Connection.

Edinburgh International Film Festival takes place 21 June - 2 July.

For full details on the retrospective programme click here.

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