DEATH ON SCENIC DRIVE: Death Becomes Her in New Trailer For Gabriel Carrer's Next Horror Flick

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DEATH ON SCENIC DRIVE: Death Becomes Her in New Trailer For Gabriel Carrer's Next Horror Flick
Gabriel Carrer (The Demolisher and In The House of Flies) is prepping to release his next film Death on Scenic Drive in the coming months and he has given ScreenAnarchy a brand new trailer to share with our community. 
Giving us a trailer cut to an ominous narrator I have dubbed it the throwback trailer. It is a bit more elusive to pin down what exactly Death on Scenic Drive is about from watching it. Were it not for the accompanying release below it would stand as a nice mood piece which introduces us to Larissa, the girl who becomes Death. Alas, from reading through the release we get a sense that things are not going to end well for many a good people by the end of this movie. Still, I like this second full trailer indeed. 
In contrast, the first full trailer he dropped last week (see below) features a ripping synthwave score and shows the full range of characters on whom Larissa will prey on throughout the film. Talking with Carrer about his new film audiences should come in expecting a slow build to a flesh tearing third act with tonnes of gore and violence as our reward. Keen! 
Death On Scenic Drive is ramping up for the year and a third trailer was just released featuring an eerie voice over alongside some imagery from the film.
During the cold winter months at a secluded countryside home, a young woman named Larissa (Stephanie Ash) encounters an entity that transforms her into Death itself over the course of three nightmarish days. She reins a violent storm against Dallas Henson (Ry Barrett) and the family that resides there.
The movie is helmed by Canadian director Gabriel Carrer, whose previous film The Demolisher, released by Raven Banner Entertainment, won the Silver Audience Award at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal in 2015.
Carrer’s new surreal effort follows the same type of madness when a young woman (Stephanie Ash) is consumed by an entity that transforms her into a bloodthirsty version of death. This new unnerving sense of identity changes her as she begins a nightmarish path of gruesome violence against a family and local farmer (Ry Barrett).
Death on Scenic Drive is produced by Latefox Pictures and Smak Studios based in Toronto, Canada. The film is completed and will be making it’s way into the bloody hands of genre and horror fans soon.
Death on Scenic Drive, which was also written by Carrer, unravels over the course of three nightmarish days during the cold winter months at a secluded countryside home. It boasts special make-up effects by The Butcher Shop FX Studio (Bed of the Dead); incorporates a tense, gripping score by Starsky Partridge, who was the lead sound designer for the popular video game Unreal Tournament; and was shot by cinematographer and producer Scott McIntyre.

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Dark IrisMay 2, 2017 1:59 PM

Might we get to see this film at Fantasia 2017? It looks really compelling, and just the right amount of disturbing!