The Devil Appears At Cesar Velasco Broca's NEW ALTAR

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Rejoice, children, for Spanish cinematic madman Velasco Broca has returned and we have the first look at his upcoming short film New Altar. We first came across the director thanks to his utterly bizarre trio of science fiction shorts - Der Milschorf, Kinky Hoodoo Voodoo and the Cannes selected  Avant Petalos Grillados - all of which had more than a dash of Bunuel inspired absurdity to them along with his Nacho Vigalondo starring scifi TV pilot The Galactic Adventures of Jaime de Funes and Arancha which features a very odd space octopus villain and Vigalondo vomitting milk all over himself.

Describing New Altar as the first time he has worked in color and as a bit of a throwback to BBC documentaries of the 70s Velasco Broca describes the story as "a Priest and the Devil, murderers, dissapeared, mysteries, dreams, changes in the time and space... I don't know." Vigalondo has a starring role again here, though is not featured in any of the stills we have to share. We've got the Devil, though. Yup. There he is!

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