Oguri Shun Versus Aliens In Teaser For Live Action GINTAMA

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Oguri Shun Versus Aliens In Teaser For Live Action GINTAMA

Cult Japanese director Fukuda Yuichi (Hentai Kamen) is taking a definite step towards the mainstream in 2017. He's got the Sony backed live action adaptation of The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K that we wrote about earlier today on the way and then he's also got the live action adaptation of hugely popular manga and anime series Gintama coming up witht he backing of Warner Brothers and with major star Oguri Shun in the lead.

Set in an alternate past where an alien race arrived on earth during the Shogunate, Oguri plays a samurai fighting against the alien incursion and the human powers who have bowed to their arrival, set up a puppet government, and banned the samurai. Will there be lots of samurai-versus-alien action? Why, yes, I believe there will.

So far there is only a first teaser available. It's a brief one that focuses purely on Oguri's character but the look and feel is good and certainly whet's the appetite for further material. Check it out below.

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