IT COMES AT NIGHT: Creepy Atmosphere Permeates First Teaser

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IT COMES AT NIGHT: Creepy Atmosphere Permeates First Teaser

Hot on the heels of revealing a first poster, powerhouse A24 now treats genre loving audiences to an ominous teaser for It Comes at Night. The sophomore film from Trey Edward Shults is all mood as the camera opens on “The Triumph of Death” (an oil painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder) before stalking through a darkened hallway, inching closer to a door that clearly failed to keep evil at bay.

Completely spoiler-free and evocatively enigmatic the teaser glimpses Joel Edgerton as a family man whose attempts at warding off external horrors may have awakened the darkness that lies within. Writer-director Shults made waves with his debut Krisha, a family-reunion drama that had intense thrills to spare. It’s far from surprising to see him tackle the horror genre with his follow-up film.

A24, who previously spooked us with pagan folklore in The Witch and stupefied us with the bizarrely affecting Swiss Army Man, will release the film on August 25th although a festival appearance prior to that date seems more than likely. Without doubt one of this year’s most anticipated horror films.

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