Watch: Vidyut Jamwal's COMMANDO 2 Trailer Kicks Your Ass All Over The Place

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Watch: Vidyut Jamwal's COMMANDO 2 Trailer Kicks Your Ass All Over The Place

Indian action star Vidyut Jamwal is poised to become Asia's next martial arts superhero, and the trailer for his new film, Commando 2: The Black Money Trail, is one hell of a calling card.

Four years ago Jamwal burst onto the international scene with the first Commando film which, while it didn't make much of a dent in the domestic box office back in India, did make its presence known at Fantastic Fest and other festivals around the world. Jamwal had toiled for years in the background as a villain in films all across India from Suriya's Anjaan to Jr NTR's Shakti, to Vijay's Thuppakki. He made his Bollywood debut early in his career in John Abraham's Force, but it wasn't until 2013's Commando: One Man Army that he finally got his name on the poster and blew away martial arts fans in India and beyond.

We've been waiting for a follow up to Commando ever since, and it looks like Jamwal is ready to deliver the pain in a bigger budget film directed by Deven Bhojani. In Commando 2,Jamwal is on the Black Money Trail. Black money in India has become a big deal in the international news after Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared much of the countries paper currency invalid in October in an attempt to flush out corruption. The search for black money has been fertile ground for a number of films, including Rajinikanth's 2007 super hit film Sivaji, but even Superstar Rajini is no match for Jamwal's insane skills.

Vidyut Jamwal is the most talented film martial artist in India today, and he's nearing his international breakout. I'm not sure that this will be the film that does it, but I know there are a few projects waiting in the wings to follow this up and I firmly believe it's only a matter of time. Jamwal has the skills and agility of a Tony Jaa with the physique of someone much beefier, add those to his supermodel good looks and I bet we see him on the same level as Jaa and Yen in terms of international fame very soon.

Check out the first full trailer for Commando 2 below, coming to cinemas around the World on March 3rd. 

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