ROBIN: The LFO Team Return With A Dark Thriller

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It was back in 2013 that we last heard from director Antonio Tublen with his quirky scifi comic thriller LFO. That film was a pretty remarkable accomplishment on a tiny budget, with Tublen proving that he had a very distinct voice and unique visual style. And he returns this year with dark Danish thriller Robin.

A traumatized woman is found in a forest, she claims to have witnessed a murder. As the police investigates further they do not find any evidence to prove her story. The woman is convinced that she will be the next victim and starts her own investigation to find out what has really happened - trying to find the murderer before he finds her. As she comes closer to the truth everuthing is finally revealed and has severe consequences that will change everything.

While there's no trailer for this one just yet a block of stills have arrived and you can check them out int he gallery below to get a sense of what is coming!

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