Miyazaki Announces Plans to Return to Feature Filmmaking

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Miyazaki Announces Plans to Return to Feature Filmmaking
Just as Shinkai Makoto and Hosoda Mamoru are going strong in the race to become the new king of anime, it looks like Miyazaki Hayao, the man who was king for so many years may also be returning to the fold (once again). 
In a recently screened NHK television special, The Man Who Is Not Done: Miyazaki Hayao, the master animator announced that he wants to make a new anime feature, according to ANN
Miyazaki has been working on Ghibli Musuem short Boro the Caterpillar but is apparently unsatisfied with it as a short and therefore has presented a project proposal for a feature film version, that could be completed by 2019.
According to the report, Miyazaki has already started creating storyboards for the film, but is still awaiting official approval.
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