Terror Streams Live In FRAMED Trailer

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Terror Streams Live In FRAMED Trailer

It was almost exactly a year ago that we shared the proof of concept trailer for Marc Jordan Martinez' Spanish horror Framed and with the film now deep into post-production Martinez debuted the actual trailer for the film late last week as part of the Coming Soon program at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival.

Framed is a mysterious websites that emerge from the Internet only during 24 hours. The users who logged in could live broadcast from their mobile phones being followed by millions of Internet users all around the world. The website offered a great sum of money to the user that gathers more audience in those 24 hours. There are no rules. There is no censorship.

User "Damon37" won 2 million euro, thanks to his 100 million viewers. He live slaughtered three girls and, although a lot of people thought that was a fake video, next day the mutilated bodies of the victims were found. Neither he nor the creators of the RSI were ever identified.
Today, nearly a year after the events the website has surfaced again with a simple countdown. Human greed and curiosity have no limits. Expectation is huge. The authorities warn about the risks in every town. When counter reaches 0:00:00 they will confirm their suspicions. Framed is back!

Call it The Running Man for the YouTube generation with a healthy dose of slasher in its DNA and you're not too far off! Check out the trailer below!

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