Does A Blessing Or A Curse Lie In The Trailer For Cambodia's THE FOREST WHISPERS?

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Does A Blessing Or A Curse Lie In The Trailer For Cambodia's THE FOREST WHISPERS?

Hanuman director Jimmy Henderson returns with upcoming supernatural thriller The Forest Whispers. And while both pictures share a certain fascination with the fantastic and genre elements the content of this newest effort couldn't be much farther removed from Henderson's previous urban action picture.

An isolated village affected by a curse is facing misery and it has been communed to a fate. The uncompromising commune chief who has ruled the village for years has denied the request of his people to migrate to other lands in search of better luck. He took away their only lifeline: Hope. But one night, the prayers of a spiritual leader are head by a mighty tree in the forest. And the following day, a young mysterious woman appears on a nearby river shore. The villagers cannot decided whether to allow her to stay or not so the chief decides to give her seven day to prove she can be useful to the community. From that day on, a series of strange events began to happen, leaving the villagers to wonder whether if this strange woman is their savior or their executioner.

Cambodia remains very much an emerging film culture in South East Asia, the industry there still a young one finding its feet. But there's a definite hunger for local language content spurring production with talents like Henderson leading the charge. The trailer here is quite promising, take a look below.

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