Brooklyn Horror Film Festival: ScreenAnarchy's Top Picks

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The sign of a great horror film fest is not how many of the best, or soon-to-be best-known, horror flicks it screens, but how it encompasses the wide, wild world of horror—so few venues of any sort attempt that, let alone do it well. Not a newsflash here, but horror is the most maligned and misunderstood genre out there, so any artful efforts to expand its appeal are welcome. We need to ask, then: does the festival program feature the experimental, the crowd-pleasing, the genre-blend, and the hard-to-classify (“is this even horror?”)…? From all appearances the first annual Brooklyn Horror Film Festival does this, and then some. Here are few recommendations in addition to features such as Dearest Sister, Beyond the Gates, and Pet that I’ve yet to see.

We Are The Flesh

Like any transgressive film, We Are The Flesh is one you may or may not feel comfortable seeing in public. Still, I’d argue that it’s unquestionably worth seeing. Is it really, horror, though? Or does that classification say more about us than the film itself?

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