Mondo Macabro To Bring Three More Rare Gems To Blu-ray This Fall/Winter

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Mondo Macabro, the world's finest cult cinema archaeologists, have dug up three more gems to add to their already amazingly diverse and fascinating collection. This trio will land on Blu-ray over the next six months or so as the materials and restorations dictate. First up is an '80s South Korean horror film called Suddenly in the Dark, expected to release sometime in October. Following that up is Mondo Macabro's first Jess Franco Blu-ray, Mil Sexos Tiene La Noche, a reworking of his previous film Nightmares Come at Night, this will be the English friendly debut of the film on home video. Last among this trio is largely unknown giallo, The Fox with a Velvet Tail, a Spanish-Italian co-production starring Jean Sorel (Short Night of the Glass Dolls).

Look below for the full details from Mondo Macabro's Facebook announcements as well as images and even a trailer for Suddenly in the Dark!

We couldn’t be more excited about our first new Blu-ray announcement: the 1981 psycho-sexual South Korean horror film SUDDENLY IN THE DARK!

This amazing, almost unknown film is full of uncomfortable sexuality, cheap visual effects, creepy dolls, shamanism, butterflies, and murder – all set to a searing, original synth score!

Contrary to some popular belief, Korean horror didn’t just start in the late 90s. It had been a staple genre in that country for many decades prior, with the early 1980s being a particularly rich period. Unfortunately, these films remain almost completely unknown outside of the ROK. Just the sort of challenge we love! SUDDENLY IN THE DARK is one of the very best pre-millennial K-Horrors: genuinely frightening and utterly bizarre.

This will be our next blu release after PRIVATE VICES, and we hope to have it out by early October. We are currently hard at work cleaning up the HD master given to us by the Korean Film Archive, so it will look miles better than any of the versions have have been floating around the internet.

We're really digging back into our "worldweird" roots with this one, and we hope you'll follow us down! More details to be revealed in the coming weeks, including a brand new promotional trailer that will premiere in the next few days.

Check out the trailer below:

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