Trailer Time: New Footage From A FLYING JATT Hints At A Goofy Underdog Superhero Flick

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Trailer Time: New Footage From A FLYING JATT Hints At A Goofy Underdog Superhero Flick

With its cinema release closing in, Remo D'Souza's A Flying Jatt is cranking up the promotional machine behind their superhero flick. Today Balaji Motion Pictures released the full trailer for the film, and this footage tells a very different story from the teaser we got a couple of weeks ago.

A Flying Jatt stars Bollywood action kid Tiger Shroff in the title role as a superhero who apparently had a bit of trouble adjusting to the role. After we watch him get his butt kicked by his nemesis, Nathan Jones, Shroff turns the tables with the help of a turban and some stubble as the Flying Jatt. This superhero is marketed in previous footage as a protector with powers sent by God, so the religious aspects of the film and the nature of faith are par for the course. I don't mean to make light, but it's all a bit obvious from the trailer, perhaps this footage is too much.

One pleasant surprise that wasn't in the teaser is a new villainous co-star in Kay Kay Menon. Menon is one of my favorite scenery chewing character actors in Bollywood. Whereas Shroff hasn't been around long enough to project any kind of real authority on screen, Menon has a career full of powerful characters behind him and a wonderful presence that puts him in a league of his own. He's got movie star good looks and knows how and when to ham it up, and his appearance is probably the most interesting thing about this film for me now.

This trailer is about a hundred times goofier than the previous teaser footage, but I'm guessing it's also about a hundred time more representative of what the film will actually be like. For better or for worse, A Flying Jatt will hit screens on August 25th, and I'll probably be there to survey the carnage.

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