Exclusive: RIO, I LOVE YOU App - What, Or Who, Do You Love?

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Exclusive: RIO, I LOVE YOU App - What, Or Who, Do You Love?

As we swing into the weekend, it's a good time for fun, films, and film apps. Rio, I Love You is "the third in the 'Cities of Love' trilogy," per official verbiage, "following Paris, Je T'Aime and New York, I Love You, and is a collaboration of 10 short stories, all of which deal with love in Rio de Janiero."

The movie has been making the festival rounds and is now set to open in the U.S. next Friday, April 15. In advance of that, distributor Screen Media Film has created an app. In brief, you can go to the page, write whatever word you want before "...I Love You," then send it out to friends and foes alike. (If you do the latter, it'll drive them crazy.)

Social media sharing is also an option, if you're into that whole "social media sharing" thing. Go here to use the app * and check out the movie next week.

* When you go to the page, it will cycle through examples and then display a grey screen with a blinking cursor above "...I Love You." Type your chosen word at the blinking cursor, add photo as desired, adjust as desired, and then click buttons to share, download, or start over. You're smart; you'll figure it out.

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