BAD DAY FOR THE CUT: Revenge Thriller Begins Shoot In Northern Ireland

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BAD DAY FOR THE CUT: Revenge Thriller Begins Shoot In Northern Ireland

It's been four years now since I first came across the work of Chris Baugh and Brendan Mullin, a Belfast based writer-director-producer duo who at the time we launching a horror short film titled Boys From County Hell which I like rather a lot. Baugh and Mullin have since been cutting their teeth and paying their dues with a series of projects for RTE and the BBC while developing a feature version of Boys and while that's getting close to going they've now shifted gears and launched principal phtography on their debut feature, a revenge thriller titled Bad Day For The Cut.

Donal, a middle-aged Irish farmer still lives at home his mother, content with a simple life. However, when she is savagely murdered Donal sets off for Belfast looking for answers - and revenge. What he finds is a world of violence and brutality that he can’t understand and a secret about his family that will shake him to his core.

Nigel O'Neill - familiar from a key part in Boys From County Hell - takes the lead here for what can best be described as what would happen if you took the cold brutality of a Korean revenge thriller and dropped it into rural Ireland. Yes, I've had a chance to read this and, yes, it's quite good. It'll be a bit before we have a chance to see any material from the film but be sure to remember the title. And in the meantime you can check out O'Neill in the Boys From County Hell trailer below.

BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL - Teaser Trailer HD from Chris Baugh on Vimeo.

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