SXSW 2016 Exclusive Clip: THE ARBALEST Teases Obsession

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SXSW 2016 Exclusive Clip: THE ARBALEST Teases Obsession

Ready to premiere shortly as part of SXSW's Narrative Feature Competition, The Arbalest has a very intriguing premise:

Foster Kalt, a famous toy inventor in the 1970s, reflects on his lifelong obsession with Sylvia Frank. From his first meeting with Sylvia in a New York Hotel Room in 1968, to years later when he is stalking her from a cabin in the woods, the puzzle pieces of Kalt's obsession come together to form his latest, shocking invention.

Adam Pinney wrote and directed; he's an industry vet with credits as a writer, editor, and director of photography (Joe Swanberg's 24 Exposures). Mike Brune and Tallie Medel star.

Here's a clip that hints at the drama that awaits. The Arbalest will screen at SXSW next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

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