Sidney Lexi Plaut's DARK SAMURAI Gets A Global Release, Check A New Trailer Now!

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Sidney Lexi Plaut's DARK SAMURAI Gets A Global Release, Check A New Trailer Now!

It was all the way back in 2014 that we first shared a trailer for Sidney Lexi Plaut's Dark Samurai, a gorgeously hynoptic imagining of the life of legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi. Coming from Denmark of all places, the film stars David Sakurai - familiar to some now from Fantastic Fest hit Liza The Fox Fairy - and after some festival success, including a selection to the prestigious Camerimage, it seemed to drop out of sight.

Dark Samurai is inspired by the life of the famous Japanese ronin and warrior philosopher, Miyamoto Musashi. This visually abstract interpretation of the Japanese “Romeo & Juliet” takes place in a timeless world of the Yakuza underworld and a hypnotic Samurai after-life. Flowing seamlessly through life, death, rebirth and the afterlife. The film explores the shattered mind of Musashi as he goes through the agonizing pain of desperately trying to hold on to the only thing he has left - The fading memories of his undying love. A love that for a Yakuza-Samurai is strictly forbidden and which will prove to have catastrophic consequences.

Well, persistence pays, apparently, and Dark Samurai has just arrived on iTunes in North America with the film due to arrive on the platform around the globe in coming days. And to celebrate we've got a new teaser for you to give a taste of what's to come. Check it out below!

Dark Samurai Teaser Trailer 02 from Sidney Lexy Plaut on Vimeo.

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