Iconic Warrior Musashi Miyamoto Gets The Arthouse Treatment In Sidney Lexy Plaut's DARK SAMURAI

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What's this? A trance inducing, time hopping, hypnotic treatment of iconic samurai Musashi Miyamoto - author of The Book Of Five Rings - from Denmark? With the producer of Valhalla Rising and Only God Forgives on board as an executive producer? That's exactly what you have in Sidney Lexy Plaut's Dark Samurai.

Through life, death, rebirth and the afterlife, the film flows seamlessly between the past, present and future, all simultaneously unfolding in parallel voids and universes. The film explores the very human and agonizing processes that go through the shattered mind of Miyamoto who is so broken and destroyed that the only thing he has left is the rapidly fading memories of his love -- his undying, yet to a samurai-yakuza warrior strictly forbidden love for a woman - the one thing that has ever made him feel like a man and a human being.
David Sakurai and Louise Cho take the lead roles with Plaut serving as writer, director, cinematographer and editor with Adriana Filipczuk producing. Check the first stills below.

David Sakurai as Musashi.

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