Handsome Trailer For Indonesian Thriller PESANTREN IMPIAN

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Handsome Trailer For Indonesian Thriller PESANTREN IMPIAN

Award winning Indonesian director Ifa Isfansyah (The Dancer, The Golden Cane Warrior) delivers a thriller with a trace of Agatha Christie in its premise with the upcoming Pesantren Impian.

The story takes its name from a religious boarding school, a place well known as a place where women can go to revive their faith after committing major sins. Police officer Dewi poses as a drug addict to gain entrance to the school when she realizes several of the ten current students may have ties to the murder she is currently investigating only to have the bodies then begin to pile up within the school as well.

The 'killer among us' trope is a classic in crime literature and the trailer for Isfansyah's take on the material promises handsome production values at the very least. Check it out below.

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