Turkish Horror Scores Unleashed With Semih Tareen's DARK SYMPHONIES

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Turkish Horror Scores Unleashed With Semih Tareen's DARK SYMPHONIES
Well, now, here's an interesting oddity for fans of global film music. Turkey has a long - and very entertaining - history with genre film running at least as far back as the copyright trampling knock offs of big Hollywood blockbusters such as Superman, Star Wars and Spider-Man from the days before the nation enacted intellectual property laws. And with that genre element of the nation now experiencing something of a renaissance composer Semih Tareen has released an orchestral album of music composed as film scores titled Dark Symphonies.

Tareen - also the director of short film Yellow - has an impressive body of scoring work including recent titles such as Gomeda and Baskin helmer Can Evrenol's previous shorts To My Mother And Father and My Grandmother. We've got a track for you to check out below and, should you care to do so, the full album is available digitally on iTunes and Spotify.
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