The Makers Of 100 BLOODY ACRES Unleash Their SCARE CAMPAIGN

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The Makers Of 100 BLOODY ACRES Unleash Their SCARE CAMPAIGN
Australia's Cairnes Brothers won a lot of love with their debut feature, the horror comedy 100 Bloody Acres. And while their sophomore effort may not have quite so sanguine a title there's still clearly plenty of the red stuff in it as well. The freshly released teaser, at least, is positively awash with it.

Though they do not, as yet, appear to have released an official synopsis of the film the intentions are certainly clear right from the outset. You like horror? You like blood? This film was made for you. This looks to be great fun, check out the teaser below.

Do YOU like Horror Movies?SCARE CAMPAIGN… from the makers of 100 Bloody Acres. Coming 2016!

Posted by Scare Campaign on Monday, November 23, 2015
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