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Wow. Fantastic Fest ended last Thursday but we are all still recovering from 8 (8!) days of magical mayhem. There were a ton of good movies and very few stinkers (not counting some of us on day 8). But it's over for another year and all we have is the memories and a shit ton of reviews. Check them all out below and our thoughts on a smorgasbord of questions in the gallery below.

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Fantastic Fest Awards

April and the Extraordinary World by Peter Martin
Bone Tomahawk by Todd Brown
Camino by Michele "Izzy" Galgana
Dag by Todd Brown
Darling by Alex Williams
Demon by Shelagh Rowan-Legg
Der Bunker by Peter Martin
Dirty Romance by Peter Martin
Doglegs by J Hurtado
February by Ryland Aldrich
Gridlocked by Chase Whale
In Search of the Ultra-Sex by Charlie Hobbs
Klown Forever by Peter Martin
La Granja by Peter Martin
L'Affaire SK1 by Todd Brown
Lovemilla by Peter Martin
Man Vs. Snake by Peter Martin
Men and Chicken by Michele "Izzy" Galgana
Ruined Heart by J Hurtado
Speed by Peter Martin
The Boy and the Beast by Hugo Ozman
The Brand New Testament by Martin Kudlac
The Glorious Works of G.F. Zwaen by Peter Martin
The Mind's Eye by Alex Williams
The Passing by Pierce Conran
The Treacherous by Pierce Conran
What We Become by Peter Martin
Yakuza Apocalypse by J Hurtado
Zinzana by Peter Martin

Todd Brown, Peter Martin, J Hurtado, Shelagh Rowan-Legg and Michele "Izzy" Galgana contributed to this story.

What was your top film of Fantastic Fest 2015?

Todd Brown: Green Room. It won the audience award for the simple reason that it's really damn good. Great script, great performances, superb direction from Saulnier.

Shelagh Rowan-Legg: Liza the Fox Fairy. It was sweet and funny and dark and weird, just enough batshit crazy without going too far. A nice treat in a genre that too often thinks it has to resort to going overboard with violence and gore. It had a great story, a heartbreaking main character, and a charming whimsy without being too saccharine.

Peter Martin: The combination of Mads Mikkelsen and Anders Thomas Jensen in Men and Chicken was irresistible, but followed closely by Green Room, April and the Extraordinary World, The Glorious Works of P.F. Zwaen, and Zinzana.

J Hurtado: Choosing a top film of Fantastic Fest is always a challenge, but it's the best kind. I could cheat and name at least 5 of the 21 features I saw in my four day sprint, but I'm going to have to go with Belgian Academy Award submission Brand New Testament. Bright, intellectual, and vulgar; this film ticked all of my boxes.

Michele "Izzy" Galgana : Demon was a very welcome, unexpected surprise. This odd tale of a groom becoming possessed in the middle of his wedding reception mixed elements of Don't Look Now with The Exorcist by way of a common life event --- with a downbeat ending that really stuck with me.

Ryland Aldrich: Fantastic Fest was P-P-P-Packed with great films, many of which I was lucky enough to see before the week of mayhem. The film I walked away from Fantastic Fest the most impressed with and will remember discovering there was River. This film just nailed the realism of the situation so well I was engaged from moment one. Runner up is the anthological horror Southbound which put nary a foot wrong in it's incredibly well polished multi-story narrative.

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