Exclusive: INNSMOUTH Teaser Teases Fishyness

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Exclusive: INNSMOUTH Teaser Teases Fishyness
Cutting a teaser for a short must surely be a frustratingly difficult exercise. For starters, anything over 30 seconds of footage is bound to plainly show a rather high percentage of the finished short already, and that is even without taking any spoilers into account.

Which brings us to Izzy Lee's horror short Innsmouth, which is just 11 minutes long and, to fans of H. P. Lovecraft, already reveals part of its plot in its very name. In the short, a detective travels to the titular remote seaside village, to try and find clues about a corpse found with baffling bite-marks on it. I reviewed Innsmouth yesterday and agree that it would indeed be rather damage-prone to spoiling.

Well, the good news is: there is an exclusive teaser, it contains less than 30 seconds of footage, and thankfully it doesn't spoil the best bits.
Check it out below!

Innsmouth Teaser from Izzy Lee on Vimeo.

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