Camera Japan 2015: Line-up And Recommendations

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Every autumn the Camera Japan festival descends on Rotterdam for a long weekend, after which it transforms into a traveling festival which visits several other cities as well.

This year, on September the 24th, the festival celebrates its 10th iteration, and it does so with a larger selection than ever before: the roster has a whopping 51 films in it. The main theme this year is "Female Focus", which highlights the growing influence of women working in the Japanese film industry, independent and mainstream, and they are well-represented this year. That doesn't mean the male filmmakers have been overlooked: the schedule includes new films by Kitano Takeshi, Kore-eda Hirokazu, Kurosawa Kiyoshi, and Ishii Gakuryu.

You can check out the complete line-up on the Camera Japan website (this is the link), and even order tickets already.
Meanwhile, here is a gallery with some of the things we're really looking forward to. Please add your own in the comments, and tell us what we missed!

Even if the films do not interest you much, there is plenty to do and see at a Camera Japan festival. Though the focus is primarily on cinema, any exhibitions on Japanese culture are welcome here. There are always plenty of shopping stalls, live performances, lectures, expositions and workshops about Japanese culture as well.

This picture shows last year's market (picture courtesy of Camera Japan). Every year I end up buying more stuff than I anticipate, be it wasabi cheetos, rare DVDs, sake, books about anime, cooking knives, or green tea-flavored Kit-Kats...

Check out the festival's events webpage for more information (this is the link).

For our movie recommendations, click the sides of this image to flick though the gallery, as there sure is something for everyone this year.

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