Toronto 2015: Meghna Gulzar's TALVAR Trailer Opens Old Wounds

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Toronto 2015: Meghna Gulzar's TALVAR Trailer Opens Old Wounds
Among the films listed in the Special Presentations section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival is Meghna Gulzar's third directorial effort, Talvar (Guilty is the English title, though not a translation). This film explores one of India's most notorious murder cases, the Noida double murder of 2008. 

In that case, a 14-year-old girl named Arushi Talvar and her family's domestic helper Hemraj Banjade were murdered in or around the Talvar family home. What followed is perceived as being among the most inept, corrupt, and heinous miscarriages of justice on every level in recent Indian history.

This case kept the nation on the edge of its seats for years as suspect after suspect rose and fell. Eventually, the blame was laid at the feet of Arushi's parents, though that doesn't sit well with everyone, and the case continues to fascinate India with the multiplicity of possibilities that can never, thanks to an inept investigation, be truly resolved.

Talvar stars Irrfan Khan (Jurassic World, Life of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire) as one of several lead investigators in the case. Supporting him are some of India's most watchable character performers, like Neeraj Kabi, indie darling Konkona Sensharma, and Atul Kumar. The film was scripted and the music composed by Vishal Bhardwaj, who is best known in the West for his Indian transpositions of the works of Shakespeare (Maqbool, Haider, Omkara). Also worthy of note are is the lyricist, Gulzar, who is not only one of India's most legendary poets, but also the father of director Meghna Gulzar.

The trailer gives us just a taste of the twisted story within, but trust me when I say that you'll want to follow Talvar. The film has its world premiere at TIFF and opens in India on October 2.
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