Crowdfund This: Fredrik Hana's SISTER HELL Is In Post And Needs Your Help!

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Crowdfund This: Fredrik Hana's SISTER HELL Is In Post And Needs Your Help!
Over the course of running things here at ScreenAnarchy for nearly eleven years now I've had opportunity to come across a pretty solid collection of talents working in the short film world, talents blessed with a force of vision and directing voice clearly and truly their own whose names I tend to file away in a little unofficial list of 'People Who Will Probably Have A Hard Time Making A Feature But Will Make A Really Damn Awesome One When They Do'. Norway's Fredrik Hana has been on that list pretty much from the first time I ever came across him.

Gifted with enormous technical talents and a mind that presses him into strange and unusual directions, Hana is one of a kind - his work instantly recognizable. And while he's started to rack up awards on the international festival circuit he's lost none of his edge with time. Any time Hana sets out to make something new you can be assured of two things: Whatever you think it's going to be, you're probably wrong. And whatever it turns out to actually be, it'll probably be amazing. Enter Sister Hell. No, it's not a feature - he's still Having A Hard Time Making That - but it looks fabulous and he's looking for a bit of help.

Ā«Sister HellĀ» is a short film about a reclusive nun who is tempted to leave the monastery. Her dream is to become a curvy, voluptuous woman; to become how she really feels inside. With cautious steps, she ventures towards the sinful city...
The short has already been described as a mixture between Ken Russell and John Waters, and sports a series of outrageous characters, practical FX and buckets of WTF! The short was written during last years visit to Fantastic Fest in Austin, and is inspired by the energy and sheer insanity of the experience.
Already shot and deep into edit, Hana has turned to a crowdfunding campaign to help raise the eight thousand dollars he needs to complete post production at the highest possible levels. You should give him some of that. I already have. Hit the link to check out the pitch and take a look at the trailer below!
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