Christopher Nolan Presents THE QUAY BROTHERS IN 35MM Tour, Trailer, And Blu-Ray

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Christopher Nolan Presents THE QUAY BROTHERS IN 35MM Tour, Trailer, And Blu-Ray
Massive news today for fans of creepy, old-school animators, The Quay Brothers, who've influenced at least one whole generation of other creepy filmmakers and storytellers, including Christoper Nolan.

Partnering with Zeitgeist Films and Syncopy, Nolan and the Quays are embarking on a US tour of select Quay Brothers' films entitled The Quay Brothers in 35mm. Featuring Street of Crocodiles, The Comb, and In Absentia, the films are curated by Nolan, and this tour includes his new short film, Quay, "about the inner workings of the London-based animators' studio."
Audiences will be treated to "a 70-minute program featuring stunning new 35mm prints of three short films by Stephen and Timothy Quay, alongside the world premiere of Christopher Nolan's short film Quay, will make its debut in a one week run at New York City's Film Forum on Wednesday, August 19. Nolan and the Quays will be together for opening night discussions (the Quays will be present throughout the first weekend)."
In addition to NYC, program will travel to 10 more cities, including Dallas (Alamo Drafthouse Richardson, 9/3-7), LA (Cinefamily, 9/4-10 with appearances by Nolan), Houston (Museum of Fine Arts, 9/12-13), Austin (Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, 9/17), Cleveland (Cleveland Cinematheque, 9/24-27), Boston (Brattle Theatre, 9/25-10/1), Detroit (Detroit Institute of Art, 10/9-11), Seattle (SIFF Film Center, 10/9-15), Chicago (The Music Box Theatre, 10/16-22) and Toronto (TIFF Bell Lightbox Theater, 10/27). All four films will be shown EXCLUSIVELY in 35mm.

Following the tour, the blu-ray release of The Quay Brothers Collected Short Films will be released on October 20th. The blu will include Nolan's short, as well as 15 Quay shorts in HD --- including three films not available in Zeitgeist's previous DVD collection.
From the press release:
American identical twins working in London, stop motion animators Stephen and Timothy Quay (born 1947 in Norristown, Pennsylvania) find their inspiration in Eastern European literature and classical music and art, their work distinguished by its dark humor and an uncanny feeling for color and texture. The Quays have been making their unique blend of puppetry and stop-motion animation for over 30 years and have spawned an enormous cult following. Masters of miniaturization, they turn their tiny sets into unforgettable worlds suggestive of long-repressed childhood dreams. These three Quay masterworks, selected by director Christopher Nolan, feature broken pencils and lead shavings in IN ABSENTIA (2000; "a dazzling piece of work" - The Guardian); a porcelain doll's explorations of a dreamer's imagination in THE COMB (1991; "most beautiful of their recent films" - The New Yorker); and the nightmarish netherworld of STREET OF CROCODILES (1986; "their crowning achievement" - Film Comment); and, for the first time ever, QUAY (2015), Nolan's new short  film about the Quay Brothers.
Check out the cool trailer below! For more information on the tour, click here.
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