BARTKIRA Arrives In Neo-Springfield! Watch The Trailer Now!

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BARTKIRA Arrives In Neo-Springfield! Watch The Trailer Now!
It was back in March that we first caught wind of Bartkira, the animated fusion of Akira and The Simpsons based on a fan-generated 'zine project by Ryan Humphrey and James Harvey. After having contributed art to the printed version of Bartkira, artist / illustrator / animator Kate Sullivan approached the duo about producing an animated trailer based on the work and while the animation was always intended to be a simple trailer to see if it could be done, the artwork that spread back in the spring created such a stir that you couldn't help but wonder if they've given any thought to expanding the scope of their creation. And hopes for that will only rise further now that the full trailer has arrived as well.

Sullivan has created something pretty remarkable here, a fusion clearly based out of a deep love and respect for both properties that is pretty much pitch perfect to both. This is pretty amazing stuff, check it out below.
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