MUTAFUKAZ: Watch The Amazing First Teaser For Studio 4c Animated Feature

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MUTAFUKAZ: Watch The Amazing First Teaser For Studio 4c Animated Feature
Mark 2017 down on your calendars, animation fans, because that's how long you're going to have to wait to see French / Japanese animated feature film Mutafukaz. And judging by the freshly released first teaser that's going to feel like a very long wait, indeed.

Co-directed by French graphic novelist Run from his own book of the same name, along with Studio 4c helmer Nichimi Shojiro (Tekkon Kinkreet) this one has already been in the works for quite a long time, with our first mention of the project at ScreenAnarchy coming all the way back in 2011. Here's how it was described at the time:

Angelino is a young loser just like thousands of others in Dark Meat City. He squats a seedy hotel room in the Latino neighborhood of Rios Rosas. His dreary existence consists of zapping, Mexican wrestling matches (of which he is a devotee), shitty little jobs and so-called metaphysical discussions under the stars with his buddy Vinz. A silly scooter accident is going to plunge Angelino in a whirlwind of improbable troubles putting at stake all of humanity! The manhunt has started, involving massively armed men in black, all sorts of gangs, Mexican wrestlers and even Machos, these vicious cosmic entities determined to invade our planet!!!

Mutafukaz has been inspired by the 50's Sci-Fi mixed with contemporary ingredients such as Hip Hop and wrestling. This cocktail makes it a dark, paranoid but fun comic book.

Mutafukaz counts 124 explosive pages smelling of tacos, cold sweat, bitumen and paranoia as well as an incredible cocktail of Hip Hop, Mexican wrestling and 50's Sci-Fi.
But enough reading about it, check out the first teaser below for a taste.

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MikeJune 22, 2015 11:25 AM

That looks pretty promising, but why even release a teaser this far out?

Paul MJune 22, 2015 2:44 PM

Been waiting ages for something in the same vein as Aachi & Ssipak.