STAR WARS: The Original Trilogy To Screen In China For The First Time

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STAR WARS: The Original Trilogy To Screen In China For The First Time
It is hard to imagine that there would be a place in this World where Star Wars has not screened other than imagining something archaic like, "Oh, I bet it hasn't been shown in the deepest Congo!" 

So color me surprised to find out that none of the original three Star Wars films have screened in China. But then culturally that would make sense. You do not want a series of films about a band of rebels rising up against an oppressive Empire giving anyone any strange ideas. 

But the winds of change have blown over China and THR reported earlier today that the complete Star Wars saga, Episodes I through VI, will screen at the 18th edition of the Shanghai International Film Festival, which takes place from June 13th through 21st. 

We have a GOOD feeling about this.  

p.s. By the way, China. Did you know that there are lightsaber umbrellas? Just putting that out there, in case, you know, something with umbrellas happens again and you want to get your geek on at the same time. 


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