Nishimura Unleashes His NINJA WAR In New Trailer

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Nishimura Unleashes His NINJA WAR In New Trailer
Tokyo Gore Police helmer Nishimura Yoshihiro appears to be taking a somewhat more reserved approach with his latest feature, The Ninja War Of Torakage with nary a geyser of blood to be found in the just released first trailer. And, you know, that may be a good thing. Because for fans of the extreme stuff the fact is that a more restrained Nishimura is still likely to be far crazier than most while for those who have been watching the man's work for a while now there has always been the suspicion that the crazy effects work has been obscuring and overshadowing the fact that the man's actually a gifted director in other areas if only those areas would be given the space to breath a bit.

Frequent collaborator Shiina Eihi (Audition) stars for Nishimura once again in what looks to be a high octane, stylish, period set action piece. The first trailer is recently arrived, check it out below.
The Ninja War Of Torakage - Trailer

TOKYO GORE POLICE helmer Nishimura Yoshihiro takes a more serious approach in the trailer for his latest effort, THE NINJA WAR OF TORAKAGE.

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