Mattie Do's DEAREST SISTER Begins Production, Check Out The First Stills!

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We have been tracking the development of Laotian director Mattie Do's sophomore feature Dearest Sister for quite some time here - actively promoting the crowdfunding campaign that helped fund the picture - and are quite pleased to announce that things are now up and running and the first volley of stills from the shoot are looking fantastic.

Do's sophomore feature tells the story of a village girl who travels to capital Vientiane to care for her rich cousin who has mysteriously lost her sight, and somehow gained the ability to communicate with the dead. Matters are further driven downfall by the cousin's ambivalent marriage with an Estonian expat, who has his own dark secrets to hide. Music and radio celebrity Vilouna Phetmany and Estonia's theatre and screen veteran, Tambet Tuisk (Poll, Demons, Zero Point)  play the couple with Amphaiphun Phommapanya (Chanthaly) starring as the village girl.
Check the first images below and remember you can click to enlarge!

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