PIXELS: Pac-Man's A Bad Guy In First Trailer?

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PIXELS: Pac-Man's A Bad Guy In First Trailer?
Here you go. It is the first trailer for Christopher Columbus' big screen adaptation of Patrick Jean's 2010 short film, Pixels

All your favorites are in it. Donkey Kong. Pac-Man. Peter Dinklage for like a split second. And it also has Adam Sandler and Kevin James in it.

The story goes that a message was sent into space and there was footage of 80s era video games in that message. The alien race that receives this message misinterprets the footage as a declaration of war so they invade Earth with weapons styled after these games. The President (Kevin James) calls on an old buddy (Adam Sandler), a video game champion back in the 80s, to help defeat this alien invasion. Pixelated chaos ensues. 

I think the results speak for themselves. I do not feel the warm and fuzzies, yet. 

Have a look for yourself and tell us what you think.

(Lifts hands from keyboard and backs away slowly, never breaking eye contact.) 
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