Yubari 2015 Preview: Most Anticipated Movies

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Yubari2015poster.jpgOne look at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival's poster for 2015 says it all, a gigantic winged tiger emitting blue light from its eyes and mouth perched atop the city's main auditorium, yup, Yubari's back and it's still utterly bonkers.

A firm favorite here at ScreenAnarchy, each year sees the assembled masses of Tokyo's more out-there and alternative filmmakers make the trip up to Hokkaido and descend on the tiny snow covered town for five days of blood, guts, sex, and violence, whilst also catching the odd film or two.

While the program is a real mixed bag that sees established filmmakers mingling with hard-grafting independents looking to find an audience for their work, there's always something special to be found. In the Special Invitation program Matsuo Suzuki's A Farewell To Jinu and Miki Takahiro's Have A Song On Your Lips will represent Japan alongside big name Hollywood fare that has yet to be released in Japan.

It's not about the major releases however, at Yubari it's best to get your hands dirty digging through the good, the bad and the ugly to uncover a gem or two amidst the snow. With that being said, here are some of the most exciting prospects on offer at the festival.

A Farewell to Jinu (dir. Matsuo Suzuki 2015)

Matsuo Suzuki’s fifth film, and his first since 2007’s Welcome to the White Room, has been honored with opening the festival on the evening of the 19th.

The film stars Matsuda Ryuhei as Take, a banker who develops a phobia towards money and moves to a small, isolated village in an attempt to start a new cash-free life. Devoid of amenities but populated by a quirky population of local oddballs, Take must learn to deal with the eccentric residents if he’s to succeed in his new existence.

Based on a manga series by Igarashi Mikio, this comedy-drama is getting its world premier at Yubari.

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