ROAR: Drafthouse Films Is Bringing Big Cats Back To The Big Screen

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ROAR: Drafthouse Films Is Bringing Big Cats Back To The Big Screen
Aside from having good taste when it comes to acquiring some of the best titles from modern cinema Drafthouse Films also has a knack for finding gems long forgotten in cinema's past. And not just the already established cult faves like Ms. 45 and Wake in Fright. Drafthouse Films find new titles for us to engage with and obsess over as well. 

Were it not for the work of Drafthouse Films I would not have believed that ninjas were controlling the drug trade in Miami back in 1987. Miami Connection taught me otherwise. And I also would have not have attempted to drunkenly dance to the theme music from The Visitor at the closing party of a local film festival last October if it were not for the work of Drafthouse Films. 

Today the distributor of cinematic splendor announced the latest addition to their lineup. Drafthouse Films has found another forgotten classic, Noel Marshall's 1981 film Roar, a film with more cats in it than the whole of the internet combined! 

What we know is that Drafthouse is partnering with Olive Films to release Roar back into cinemas across the US this Spring. They will follow up with a BLu-ray, DVD and On Demand release in the Summer.  

"Traditionally, press releases give you a single press quote to sell you on a movie," says Drafthouse Films CEO and founder Tim League.  "Roar is so singular, so breathtaking, I have decided instead to deliver an essay that better contextualizes the incredible awesomeness of this film.  You've never seen a movie like Roar and there will never, ever be a movie like Roar again."

Here is the first paragraph from that essay. You will find the rest of it here

At LA's legendary Cinefile Video, my favorite shelf is labeled "Holy F***ing S***."  There you'll find rare discoveries that are beyond comprehension, movies so outlandish and surreal that you cannot fathom the divine providence that allowed such mind-bogglingly singular films to exist. One of our primary missions at Drafthouse Films is to source and rediscover forgotten classics that are worthy of this shelf. Miami Connection resides here, as does The Visitor. I am proud to share that we are partnering with Olive Films to unleash what I consider the next Holy F***ing S*** masterpiece: Tippi Hedren (The Birds) and Noel Marshall's (The Exorcist) Roar.
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