DI BALIK 98 Has A Revolutionairy Trailer

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DI BALIK 98 Has A Revolutionairy Trailer
Di Balik 98 (currently without an English title but literally meaning "Behind '98") tells the story, seen from many perspectives, of Indonesia's recent revolution in 1998, which resulted in the fall of the three-decade-long presidency of Suharto.

At the moment Di Balik 98 is the top grossing film this year in Indonesia. This shows how the 1998 Reformation is still a very engaging piece of history for Indonesian Millennials, despite many people having opposing viewpoints on the subject.

The film is directed by the very well respected Indonesian actor Lukman Sardi (of 7/24 and Rainbow Troops fame), and among the ensemble cast are Chelsea Islan (Merry Riana), Boy William (Comic 8), Donny Alamsyah (The Raid) and Agus Kuncoro (Garuda Superhero).

Check out the trailer below!
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