Watch TUYUL: PART 1 Official Teaser Trailer

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Watch TUYUL: PART 1 Official Teaser Trailer

Tuyul is one of the most well known mythical spirits in Indonesia. Tuyul takes the form of a child, but cute it is not, and judging from the teaser trailer below, this first part of a trilogy based on the legends take that mythical being to another dreadful level. Directed by Billy Christian, this is his first feature horror after directing one of the segment in Hi5teria horror anthology.

Here's the official synopsis:

TUYUL (Toyol in English) tells a reimagined story about the Indonesian urban mythical spirit. Husband and Wife, Daniel (Gandhi Fernando) and Mia (Dinda Kanya Dewi) moves to an old house given by Mia's mother after she passed away. Daniel is the one that insists they move to her old house to saves up some money before the birth of their first born while he'll be working on his job at a tea plantation project. After cleaning up one of the rooms, Daniel finds a bottle hidden mysteriously underneath the broken wooden floor. The empty bottle might be a home to a scary creature that could potentially put Daniel, Mia, and their unborn child in danger.

This kind of horror film usually does very well in Indonesia box office, but there's been a growing bad feeling towards Indonesian horror films this past couple year. Can Tuyul: Part 1 do well and gain acclaim as a well made horror film as well? For that we have to wait until March 2015.

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