Watch The International Trailer For RUBBER Director's REALITE!

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Watch The International Trailer For RUBBER Director's REALITE!
Whether you love him or hate him there's no arguing the fact that there's simply nobody else quite like Rubber and Wrong director Quentin Dupieux these days. The musician turned director has been baffling and / or delighting audiences around the globe with his drily absurd sense of humor for a good few years now and he did the same at the Venice film festival this past year when he premiered his latest effort, Realite.

Boasting an international cast that includes Alain Chabat, Eric Wareheim and Napoleon Dynamite's Jon Heder. As usual for Dupieux this one resists meaningful synopsis - plot points really aren't the point of a Dupieux film - but here's how Venice described it:

Jason, a quiet cameraman, dreams of directing his first horror movie. Bob Marshal, a wealthy producer, accepts to finance his movie on one condition: Jason has 48 hours to find the perfect scream in the history of film. During his search, Jason gradually gets lost in a nightmare.
IFC will bring the film to US shores at some as-yet unannounced date but with the European theatrical release just around the corner an international trailer - playing out in a mix of French and English - arrived late in December. We're a bit late to the party but it's far too much fun not to share. Check it out below.
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