Fox Wins The Rights To Remake ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK

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Fox Wins The Rights To Remake ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK
Another one for the 'Is nothing sacred?!?' file in your life. After a competitive bidding session Twentieth Century Fox has emerged with the heads of its vanquished foes and the rights to remake John Carpenter's 1981 film and a cult classic, Escape From New York

John Carpenter, director of the original film, is on board as an executive producer and according to the report over at Deadline will 'exert creative influence over the project'. 

In the original film Kurt Russell played Snake Plissken, The year is 1997 and the island of Manhattan has been converted into a walled prison. When the Air Force One crashes in New York, Plissken, a ex-special forces operative turned criminal, is brought in to get the President and a cassette tape containing vital information that would allow the U.S. to be the dominant World power. 

No one has been cast as the anti-hero Snake Plissken yet. There is no director attached to the project. There is not even a script yet. All anyone has right now is the rights to make the blasted thing. And a bunch of heads. 

That last bit may be made up. 

Back on track. Who should they cast to replace Russell as Snake Plissken? Thoughts?
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