Exclusive: WATER & POWER Clip, Bull Meets Pen As Cops Talk Darkly Funny Shop

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Exclusive: WATER & POWER Clip, Bull Meets Pen As Cops Talk Darkly Funny Shop

In a powerful, darkly comic new clip from Water & Power, available today via a variety of digital platforms, we get an insider's look at a police department bull pen, where the cops talk shop, and outsiders wonder what the hell they're talking about.

By "outsiders," I mean "me," but, fortunately, subtitles are provided to explain some of the terms used by the plainclothes police officers as they discuss an upcoming mission. It's a very intriguing introduction to the movie, the debut feature from writer/director Richard Montoya; here's the official synopsis:

Shot over 12 extraordinary nights in Los Angeles, the film tells the story of two brothers nicknamed Water & Power by their hard-working father who was an irrigation field man for the famed Department of Water & Power of Los Angeles (LADWP). From the blue-collar housing projects of the city's Eastside to the very corridors of power where deals are made in the City of Angels - Water & Power explores a cautionary tale - with a Chicano twist. Told in the classic L.A. noir style - with a darkly humorous tone - a hallmark for which Montoya is known in the theater and television.

Water (Enrique Murciano) is a rising political star and California state senator. Power (Nicholas Gonzalez) is a top cop in the LAPD elite upper chain of command. Following an unexpected and unavoidable tragedy, the brothers find themselves in a seedy motel room on the eastern edge of Sunset Boulevard on a dark and rainy night. Can they survive the long night? Can there be Water without Power? Will they remember the tough love lessons taught to them by their hard-working father?

Presented by Edward James Olmos, the film stars Nicholas Gonzalez, Enrique Murciano, Emilio Rivera, Robert Beltran, Wanda de Jesus, Jacob Vargas, Lupe Ontiveros, Sal Lopez, Roger G. Smith, and Clancy Brown.

You can watch the exclusive, NSFW -- language, gentlemen! -- clip below, featuring Robert Beltran, as well as the film's trailer. As noted, the movie is available via iTunes, Amazon, and DVD today.

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