There Will Be Blood In KILL=VENGEANCE Trailer

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 There Will Be Blood In KILL=VENGEANCE Trailer
Here comes a new action movie shot in Indonesia from Australian director Corey Pearson and funded by new Asian film company Citra Entertainment Group - an uber classic narrative and a little Indonesian "exoticsm" on top.

A retired assassin lives in open water to punish himself for his brutal past. But when his boat breaks he is forced to visit a small island and develops feelings for a family. A serious accident causes a chain reaction of events and RYAN's location is revealed to a gang lord who's been searching for RYAN for many years. The gang lord sends assassins and kidnaps the children to lure RYAN to Jakarta. RYAN's brutal past surfaces and he goes on a final killing spree to retrieve the children and kill all those involved.

But it's not fair shooting at people with machete! check the trailer below.
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