Motelx Unveils Another Breathtaking Edition

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Motelx Unveils Another Breathtaking Edition
Celebrating its 8th Edition, Motelx is set to storm Lisbon next week with a plethora of screenings, events, parties, masterclasses and much, much more.

Bringing genre love to the gorgeous city of Lisbon, Motelx has grown from small roots into an exciting and wonderful boutique festival which not only showcases the year's best but also snags some of the hottest films coming up.

This year the festival has extended the number of venues involved with the gorgeous Teatre Rivoli becoming a destination for screenings as well as the heart-stoppingly art-deco Cinema Sao Jorge and the charming Palacio Foz will all be involved during the festival.

This year, the Festival is hosting a series of warm-up events in the lead up to the festival including a warm-up party on Friday 5th September and an open air screening of the now-classic Gremlins on Saturday 6th September at Largo de S. Carlos with popcorn and cotton-candy available for all attendees. The festival will also be organising a horror parade as part of this warm-up weekend in partnership with MINI.

However the real fun will begin on Wednesday 9th September with the opening gala of Life After Beth. This year the festival has managed to secure some of the biggest titles on the genre circuit including Fabrice Du Welz's Allelulia, the gorgeous, shocking 'Cannibal' , James Ward Byrkit's mind-bending 'Coherence' , Till Kleinert's 'Der Samurai' and Leigh Janiak's wonderful and surprising 'Honeymoon'.  There is also the screening of some of the hottest upcoming titles including the European premiere of Miike's new film 'Over Your Dead Body' , 'It Follows'  and the European premiere of the brutal and mesmerising 'World Of Kanako'.

Parallel activies during the festival also set Motelx apart from its counterparts with luminaries such as Brian Yuzna and Alex De La Iglesia both participating in masterclasses whilst a stunt masterclass promises to deliver something unusual as part of the opening night line-up.

A rich programme of dark-theme features aimed at younger audiences, an entire day dedicated to scary (and not so scary) board games, a horror quiz and a workshop aimed at younger audience all point to a program that is bulging with events creating for an experience that is simply unmissable.
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