Crowdfund This: The Short Film PRINCE ALI Will Embrace Cultural Perspective

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Crowdfund This: The Short Film PRINCE ALI Will Embrace Cultural Perspective
The dramatic short film Prince Ali would mark quite the departure of style from what we would expect of director Kevin Hamedani and screenplay writer Max Borenstein. Hamedani wrote and directed the horror flick Zombies of Mass Destruction. Borenstein wrote Godzilla. So what makes Prince Ali so different? It certainly would not be populated with the undead or giant monsters. 

What we have here is a short story gleamed from a larger script that Hamedani had been working with. Together with Borenstein they believe that they found a beautiful story about a man who returns to Tehran, Iran after being away for twenty years to look for a bride. 

A crowdfunding campaign started on September 9th and already the project is near the halfway point of their $22,000 goal. 

Along with Borenstein, Angel Lopez and Julia Lebedev, producers for Dear White People, have joined the project. They have also cast the stunning Sheila Vand in one of the lead roles, Nazy. Vand has already played many roles in other features and shorts which take place in Iran. The most notable films would be Argo and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Iran is not a setting that a lot of us are used to. If at all. We cannot wait to see what this setting will bring to Hamedani's story. Please watch the video below, visit the campaign page and consider supporting this project. 
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