Watch The Gorgeous Trailer For Gothic Puppet Horror THE MILL AT CALDER'S END

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Watch The Gorgeous Trailer For Gothic Puppet Horror THE MILL AT CALDER'S END
Don't call Kevin McTurk an animator. Because he's not. No, he doesn't work with live actors and, yes, his characters are crafted and manipulated by hand, but that's where the similarity to stop motion animation ends. McTurk is not an animator but a creature designer and puppeteer and a damn fine one at that. And his latest creation - the gothic horror The Mill At Calder's End - looks absolutely gorgeous.

In this gothic puppet tale, Nicholas Grimshaw has returned home to unearth the dark secret of the Mill at Calder's End.
Citing the influence of HP Lovecraft, Edgar Alan Poe, Mario Bava and Jim Henson; boasting the voice talent of Jason Flemyng and Barbara Steele; featuring Hellboy creator Mike Mignola among its concept artists and boasting an absolute who's-who of the very best big screen creature designers and puppeteers of the past decades this oozes quality from start to finish.

Check out the trailer below, then visit the official site here.

The Mill At Calder's End - Official Teaser HD from Kevin McTurk on Vimeo.

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