Indie Comedy PREMATURE Trailer Arrives Early

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Indie Comedy PREMATURE Trailer Arrives Early
If John Hughes were to have made Groundhog Day the results may not be unlike indie comedy Premature, a teen sex comedy revolving around a high school student caught in a time loop bookended by unfortunate orgasms.

It's 'American Pie' meets 'Groundhog Day' in this hilarious and tender coming-of-age comedy. Rob is facing the biggest day of his life. He needs to nail a college interview ensuring his admittance to his parents' beloved alma mater, keep his cool when life-long crush Angela (nicknamed 'After School Special' for a reason) finally seems to show interest, and deal with his best friends as they realize their high school days are ending. As pressure mounts, something weird happens. He finds himself reliving the day's events over and over again. Is Rob stuck in a dream? Experiencing déjà vu? Having a psychotic break? Whether it's finding a way to get into Georgetown, into Angela's pants, or having an even bigger epiphany, Rob must figure out how to break the cycle before losing his mind.
Hitting VOD July 1st prior to a July 2nd theatrical release from IFC Midnight, the official theatrical trailer for Premature is freshly on the scene. Take a look below.

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cuckoozeyJune 12, 2014 6:58 AM

Not bad, but it could use less American Pie and more John Hughes.