Watch High School Girls Kick More Ass In This New Look At HIGH KICK ANGELS

Our first preview of the action movie High Kick Angels arrived last week in a promo video, but it was mostly a mashed-up video of fight scenes from other films, revealing only a few shot of actual footage and some training clip of the films cast. But this week Japanese action fans were treated to another promo with some actual action from the film, and it looks pretty awesome.  Each of these girls truly hold their own in an one-against-many situation. Even better is when fighting as a team, they become a force to be reckoned with.

Martial artist-turned-filmmaker Nishi Fuyuhiko of High Kick Girl fame has gathered an impressive line-up of athletes from various background.  The team includes Karate champion Kanon Miyohara, Kyokushin black belt Kawamoto Mayu, ballet dancer Nagashima Hirona and Japanese model/Karate blackbelt Kaede Aono. Also listed in the cast is Ito Risako. Here's a plot synopsis:
The girls from the high school film club are shooting their action epic "High Kick Angels" at school. Their goal is to make a full-scale action film in the style of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. As they toil away at their amateur effort, a gang of thugs descend upon the schoolyard...
The theatrical release date in Japan is on June 14th.  You'll find the action promo embedded below.
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