Trailer: GODZILLA Is Pure Gravitas

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Trailer: GODZILLA Is Pure Gravitas
Woah. And... woah...

The new trailer for Gareth Edwards' take on Godzilla arrived today and it sure knows how to instill a bit of fear in the hearts of us measly mammals. Over some starkly terrifying shots of destroyed cities we've got a bit of Bryan Cranston demanding answers for what was "not an earthquake or typhoon." As the images build, sprinkling more human faces into the disaster, Ken Watanabe actually gives reference to Godzilla's origins, and I mean he says "1954". Chills, people, chills. But what is so impressive about this trailer is that Edwards has created a sense of scale and space that is really awe inspiring and unsettling, putting perspective on how small we really are, not just in the universe, but on the planet we live on... not the planet we own or run... clearly. Pacific Rim never achieved that kind of perspective. Then again that was intentionally a cartoon, and this is... not.

Godzilla opens in most parts of the world May 15th and 16th (U.S. included).  
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